J. Paige Harley
J. Paige Harley
Author, Relationship Coach & Mediator
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The quality of our lives depends not on whether or not we have conflicts, but on how we respond to them
— T.Crum

A unique Approach:

I have had the benefit of being trained by some of the finest mediators, psychologists and attorneys on the planet. (Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk and Joan Kelly, PhD and Bill Eddy to name a few)

I have been on the “other side of the table” so, I bring a sensitivity to how hard this process is.

I book 1/2 day mediations, instead of full day. I believe it better serves my clients to take our time to sort through the many decisions that need to be made in a slower manner.

I am a child focused mediator.

I am focused on saving you time, money and energy and have developed tools to help you along the process with the best outcomes.

I go below the line to find real livable solutions so you can move on an heal.

I continue to learn. I am constantly reading and staying on top of the latest trends in divorce, best practices, research and law changes so I can offer the best solutions and suggestions.

I think outside the box and have worked with so many different family solutions so I can tell you. what has worked with other families. Your family is unlike any other and so your solutions should meet YOUR families needs.