It does not seem to matter if you are one one filing for the divorce or not, it is a surreal feeling to find yourself ending a marriage. It has been said a million, well, probably more like a zillion times, that no-one gets married expecting to get divorced. It is a truth!

Divorce is considered the 2nd most traumatic life event, after the death of a spouse or child. The truth is the “divorce” is only part of the equation and no one is talking about the fact that how you deal the divorce both before, during and after are what will define the experience, especially true if kiddos are involved.

You will get through this. It will be hard and for some harder than they feel like they can bear, but you can…and you will. I am here to help the process. I have helped families come out better on the other side and I want to help you.

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I am a straight shooter with training in trauma and a masters degree in conflict management. I offer non nonsense approaches and definitely believe that each family deserves to find their own solutions as no family runs the same and that is even more true even when 2 homes are involved.

I can help mediate divorce, post-divorce or custody matters. I, also, offer coaching service to help the divorce transition process. I do work via phone for those who do not live in the Nashville area.

I offer a free 30 minute consult. Call to set yours up 615 247 5100